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The Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Corporation Tax ID#: 33-1092681

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The Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance needs your support!

Your donation to the Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance goes directly to help fund innovative safety and training equipment for the City and County Firefighters of Santa Barbara – equipment which is not available through normal Fire Department budgeting channels.

Your donation is tax deductible and goes to work locally to continue our shared mission of making our community safer for the people and firefighters of Santa Barbara City and County.

Below are some of the Critical Needs items requested by the Santa Barbara City and County Fire Departments.


A new Hasty Search Kit is needed to replace and upgrade equipment in use that is more than 12 years old. The kit includes a search camera and two miniature listening devices for a one or two person search operation. This equipment is needed for Heavy Rescue in the Urban Search and Rescue program. It will make searching for victims faster and more efficient. Cost: $14,200.00

The City of Santa Barbara Fire Department is in need of 85 Self-Rescue waist belts for the new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. This upgraded version equips firefighters with a lighter, faster and dedicated self rescue feature. It is a valuable piece of equipment that is not covered by budgets. Cost: $86,000.00

Collapsible Stokes Litter and Wheel

Santa Barbara City Fire Department is in need of a stokes litter to support the Urban Search and Rescue program. This equipment is needed during hiking trail rescues and other situations that require transferring a patient over distance. Cost: $2,300.00